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MARCH 2022 


We hope you’ve been enjoying the term so far and are looking forward to your Easter
Break! On 9th March, FOSH held it’s AGM. As well as planning some exciting events for you all, the AGM is the time we elect new ocers.


After a long tenure, Katherine Hall stepped down as Chair but remains an active and
valuable member of the committe. We are also very sad to lose our Treasurer Rebecca O’Donoghue who will soon be relocating - we will miss her very much!


Both Katherine and Rebecca approached their roles with dedication and enthusiasm
and their contribution to FOSH has been invaluable.


However, we are really pleased to announce and welcome the new ocers of the FOSH


CHAIR - Sarah Searle
TREASURER - Barbara Hooper
JOINT SECRETARY - Haley Woodward &
Tamara Morling


FOSH continues to grow with a small but eager committee and we’re excited to
continue to work to give our children and staff much deserved support.

Yearly Activity Report - March 2022

Much like the previous year, 2021 has been extremely challenging for small organisations like ours and our fundraising events have been limited due to the ongoing pandemic. However, we have managed to hold some in-person events that have been well supported by the school community and much appreciated by the children and the future is now looking much brighter.

Following the school closures at the start of 2021, the children returned to class in time to receive an Easter egg from FOSH. The eggs went down well with the children and w hope that we all be able to continue this tradition in future years. After Easter, covid restrictions remained in place and we were not able to hold any further large events before the summer holidays. However we were able to make breakfast for the Discoverer’s space camp event and we arranged a picnic for the outgoing year 6 group to take to the beach in July.


The year 6 children rather missed out on end of school activities but they all received their traditional gift of a pen to take with them to secondary school.

The St Helens village fete took place during the summer and FOSH took responsibility for the tea pavilion once again, raising some much needed funds.

In the autumn term 2021 we were able to hold our first events since Christmas 2019 with our summer fair being held in the playground in September and then our Christmas fair being held in December. Despite our fear that people would not come along to these, both events were really well supported it was really wonderful to see the school community coming together once again after such a long time.

Also in the autumn term we were able to replenish the playground toys with money left over from the sponsored bounce that we held in 2019. The children were thrilled to have more toys to play with and the feedback we received was great. We will keep a check on the playground toy situation regularly so that we can repair, renew and replace the toys that the children love so much.

Since Christmas we have been able to help Pioneers class with some transport costs for events they have been involved in and I hope that we are able to continue to offer financial assistance for transport, especially when the events the children are attending are free in order to make these events truly free for parents.

COVID-19 - School Closure Resources

In this difficult time, we are making efforts to keep the children, parents and staff feeling close and supported. Please join the private Facebook group detailed in the last newsletter for lots of tips, messages and updates. You can also find great resources listed on the school website under "curriculum" or use the links below for your class learning pack.





Mrs Leslie has also provided the following pdfs from Jenny Dewing – Speech and Language Therapist from the SEN service - which you may find useful. 


Home Timetable

Coronavirus Social Story 

Stay safe everyone and we hope to see you all back at school again soon.

Boy at Playground

OUR YEAR - 2019

In 2019 we are proud to have raised valuable funds for the school as well as providing some amazing opportunities for the children. We also had so much fun running events which received some brilliant feedback. Thanks to all that helped!

We raised around £3500 from events such as the Christmas Fayre, Sponsored Bounce, Summer Fayre and Beetle Drives. We also ran the tea pavillion at the Village Fayre and had second hand uniform sales.

Alongside the fundraising events FOSH, along with some parents, made a lovely breakfast for the children who attended two Space Camps and held our free Spooky Boo Bash for the children which was a great success.

We were also able to donate money to each class teacher to spend on supplies, give each child an Easter egg and run an Easter egg hunt and, according to tradition, purchased special pens for each of the Year 6 leavers.

Money from the Sponsored Bounce was put towards new playground equipment and more will be purchased with the remaining funds from this in the New Year.

FOSH has grown immensely and the small but dedicated team are so proud to have been able to provide events and opportunities for the children. We hope that FOSH continues to grow and succeed in the New Year!




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